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A Window of Hope

June 12, 2009

That is my own kitchen window, pictured above in the blog’s header.   The photo says it all.  The Cross made by the sashes of my neighbor’s window is so pure and clean, oh how it shines in the darkness. It reminds me of the hope I hold, everyday.  I want to know nothing else among you, except that Cross, and the One crucified upon it.  One writer says of it,  “The Cross of Christ is the glorious reflection of God’s love to the world, but it is more than that only; it focusses the infinite love and throws it burning and transforming upon the heart that bows beneath it.  It is ours and all our own.  The love that endured disgrace and poverty and pain could only be for such as we are.  Now it is ours to ask this question with a boldness triumphant as [Paul’s] of old, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”*

  The ledge of my window has held more than just vases of flowers and votives.  At one particularly desperate time, there was a verse scrawled on a scrap of paper resting there, and it brought such comfort.  With that comfort, I hope to comfort other troubled pilgrims.  We cannot face the darkness ahead  without the bulwark of our position, that of being hidden in Christ from the foundation of the world, strengthening our hearts.  It is a truly immovable place,  as there we rest in that shining Cross, and in  a Word that speaks from all eternity:

“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him,
for he shields him all day long,
and the one the LORD loves rests
between his shoulders.” (Deut. 33:12)

  Israel  spoke these words to encourage his son Benjamin, who would become a tribe that would fall into grave sin, and become  a remnant. But Jesus bore Benjamin’s sins into the Most Holy Place. And like all who have fallen,  even the Apostle who denied Him thrice, Jesus has prayed for us!  As we rest in His finished work, we who have been cleansed by His blood, and continue to be cleansed by His Word, can we really fall away? Oh to Him who is able to keep His beloved children, be all the glory, both now and forever!   Oh, beloved of the Lord, do not cast away your confidence, it has great reward!  Only hold the faithfulness of God. (Mark 2:22)




*God’s Cure For Worry, by Mark Guy Pearce (David Wilkerson Publications 2005).  One of my favorite books, first published a century ago, forgotten by the world, but recovered for the saints for such a time as this. It was  found in a thrift shop and reprinted by  David Wilkerson.  This book I return to again and again, in these worrisome days, to remind myself  with  Pearce’s most edifying words, of the pagan nature of worry. Pearce considers the lilies, and the birds, and draws beautiful word pictures of the  Father’s tender care for all of His Creation, but most especially His Children.