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Why I Said, “Don’t Make Fun of the Retards” to TeamPyro

February 8, 2011

I want to preface this post by apologizing to any who might be offended by the use of that word, “Retard”,  a word that still stings me, as I grew up with a brother who was deaf and developmentally delayed, and  I worked with severely autistic and Downs children as an adult.  I am trying to redeem that label from the culture, by applying it in fresh new ways.  I am deeply sorry if the attempt failed, and you remain offended.

I have to speak up one last time for the Retards–those like me, those escaping Charismania, who through a lengthy period of having our minds continually offended so that our hearts might be revealed, are thus a little delayed in our critical thinking skills.  We are also, unfortunately, usually overfond of rhetoric.

We come with a deep distrust of cessationists, and have been trained to think of them as heartless whitewashed Pharisees, who love their doctrines more than the actual people of God.  TeamPyro seems to delight in skewering our logical deficiencies but does nothing to erase the caricatures we have already formed about you all.  The focus here  seems to be all about who is going to score FTW, but with your curt dismissals and rude behavior to those without your theological training and vast reasoning skills, you  sometimes seem to have actually forgotten the most important thing.   It is edification.

I forgot this myself yesterday, and I insulted Mr. Turk, so I know how hard this can be, but I have repented, realizing that it isn’t a word game I am playing but that actual hearts and minds are being affected. Please do not forget that some may actually be in dangerous mind-control cults, like IHOP, the 24/7 prayer movement.  All kinds of people come to this blog. It seems like you all forget this is not playing a game, but this is for real. Forget about  who scores the winning goal. Win your reader’s  hearts. Teach them what a wonderful and exciting thing it is to adore the Lord Our God with all of their mind.

Again, I seek only the highest and best for all of you at Pyromaniacs.  That you would have, in Kevin DeYoungs wonderful words,  at your core “the blazing hot center …. what God has already done for us in Christ”, and I would add only a blessing,  that the love of Christ constrains you as you press on for the prize.