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In My Little Hall of Fame: Dr. Al Mohler

October 4, 2010

Image by james.thompson via Flickr

This question that haunted Dr. Al Mohler is one that has deeply troubled me. “In those days of crushing anguish, humiliation, and confusion, was there no one who could have stood between that boy and that bridge? I  was troubled as well that no Christian voice was speaking out about Tyler Clementi’s terrible end.   His reasoned, compassionate response is one of the major reasons I am overcoming my fear of the SBC, and agreeing with my husband that it is time to commit to our local congregation, despite its overfondness for “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

And  they did a wonderful job in selecting our new pastor.

So thank you, Dr. Mohler.  You continue to speak with great wisdom on those issues that raise blood pressures  because they reveal our hearts.   You consider well those “borderline” questions which resist easy answers, quoting Thielcke, who once argued that we learn more about ourselves and our most fundamental convictions by considering these issues,  such as birth control and IVF, and yoga,  and the hypocrisy of divorce in the church, and so your in-box is filled with the insults of your critics. But I admire you even more for the civility and courage with which you address the things of first importance, those Gospel issues, as when you denounced those who would seek to synergize Genesis  with Science, and dilute it of the reason for the second Adam’s death on the Cross.  With your Christlike demeanor and well-reasoned answers for the hope you have within, you continue to allay my Baptistphobia, and nervously we are  preparing to sign on the dotted line.