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The Reason For a Cage, Again?

April 10, 2014

Eulogy for our own little pet canary, “Knox”
found dead in his sleep, April 14, 2014

The Reason for a Cage, Again?

But I did it for your own good, little bird now perished
oh you of sweet voice and vibrant plumage.
Your cheery canary’s song I cherished,
yet you lie cornered and stiffened —  still imprisoned in your cage!

But you know, Knox, it would have been suicide
to let you wander the wild skies and nest among the finches —
All your gloating cousins you enviously eyed
as they pecked the seed cup pinned against your own window.

Never again will I cage one touched with fire.
Never again will a creature made in God’s image
grow weaker and cease to sing under my patronage,
his tortured last pants pleading for his hearts desire!


 On this 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, please oppose the Murphy Bill HR #3717, because:

“People will turn away from forced and coercive services.
We need to feel safe and understood to connect with others.
We also need hope and a sense that we can get what we need.

So many difficulties arise in life,
especially when our parents, schools and communities
have their own problems and don’t understand our perspective.

Connection, unconditional positive regard,
trauma informed services and safety
must replace coercive, medical models
and forced services if we hope to help others heal.”

words of Cindy Peterson Dana, as a comment on a thread at Mad in America, titled– Murphy Bill: Violates Civil Rights, Increases Government Intrusion and Control, and Ignores Scientific Research