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Joy of Stones

April 7, 2012

Rocking Stone, Cuff Hill Alas no longer rocks....

Surely the stone cried out when
the ponderous weight of it
was pushed by some hidden hand,
and mysteriously rolled away.

Surely the stone was singing then–
perhaps in rapture–it was
first witness to corruption’s collapse.
The stone saw the grave

give up its relentless
gravity, that death had no power
to return to dust the children of men.
Jesus  spoke this truth:

that where stark silence is
the stones must speak His praise.
And in that moment the yearning
of all creation echoes in

that stone shout of Hosanna!
but is quiet again.
Until Apocalypse, until after,
after the stones have fallen,

when every broken body is gone,
and every tomb is empty.
Then we shall all hear
the joy of stones.