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Sinnerman (A Mashup with Spurgeon)

February 25, 2012

“the wrath to come”  (Matthew 3:7)

How terrible is it to witness the approach of a tempest:
to note the forewarnings of the storm;
to mark the birds of heaven as they droop their wings;
to see the cattle as they lay their heads low in terror;
to discern the face of the sky as it grows black,
and look to the sun which shines not,
and the heavens which are angry and frowning!

How terrible to await the dread advance of a hurricane…
to wait in terrible apprehension
till the wind shall rush forth in fury,
tearing up trees from their roots,
forcing rocks from their pedestals,
and hurling down all the dwelling-places of man!
And yet, sinner, this is your present position.

No hot drops have as yet fallen,
but a shower of fire is coming.
No terrible winds howl around you,
but God’s tempest is gathering its dread artillery.
As yet the water-floods are dammed up by mercy,
but the flood-gates shall soon be opened:
the thunderbolts of God are yet in His storehouse,

But lo! the tempest hastens,
and how awful shall that moment be
when God, robed in vengeance,
shall march forth in fury!
Where, where, where, O sinner,
will  you hide your head,
or where will you flee?

O that the hand of mercy
may now lead you to Christ!
He is freely set before you in the gospel:
His riven side is the rock of shelter.
You know your need of Him;
believe in Him, cast yourself upon Him,
and then the fury shall be overpast for ever.

Adapted From Spurgeon’s ‘Morning by Morning’, February 25

The Inner Ring. Or The Single Eye?

February 6, 2012
Elephant Self-Portrait

My response to the troublesome Pyros parable about the Elephant Room:

Your story was a nice self-portrait of TeamPyro at its inimitable best.  I want to suggest a different story arc for a parable.  A more useful one, that moves away from highlighting the efforts of ‘the outer circle’– well, no need to have an inferiority complex anyway, you are securely in the Inner Ring now–after all You Told Us So!

What bothers me most about your parable is not its focus on your heroics, but that with such a  “shocking and brutal” deed, the criminals  are surprisingly absent the scene. ‘A bad deed was done’. A little too reductionist here.   I assume you are trying to avoid assigning motive, but it is hard to get around that, though isn’t it?  It is in the back alley of that story, a little murky  maybe– a hint of a subtext.

Just survey the crime scene, see the bodies “being carted off”, for goodness sakes!  We do not have a mugger hereabouts,  there  is a serial killer lurking in the darkness! All that blood being spilled, all over the Body: a great dilemma of Gospel heterodoxy in Reformed Circles. And it is a terrible crime. Many will be hurt.  No one can feel safe.  But has this perp malice aforethought?

A less irksome parable would have a different story arc.  Something  with some big elephants whose eyes were not sound, and a magical magnification and discerning device, and a grey mouse with very big ears posing as anEnglish: The eye of an asian elephant at Eleph... elephant, and ridiculously enough he’s proclaimed one.   Then the elephants  with sound eyes trumpet, “eek, a mouse!”  And some of the baby elephants are  scared and a stampede starts…and utter, utter confusion, and the wonderful magnifier that the elephants cherish–among other things it could help them figure out who might be truly an elephant and who is not– is all trampled on.

And such deep grief there in Elephantland, because they love the magnifier and they love the sick-eyed elephants, and oh, WAS that ever a bad, bad idea to have a meeting with a mouse in a little bitty room, with microphones and cameras  and all those ginourmous ears confusing things–yes,we all should have known and what can we do to clean up this horrible mess?  Oh someone recover that device before it is even more destroyed!

Ah, the muse beckons, I think I shall go polish this up a bit.  It has potential as a children’s story– if I can nab an illustrator in the style of Sendak!  I wonder who would enter my Inner Circle.  How I love this smoky garret of a blog, but how I hate the sense of delicious knowledge I get when I go to scribble in it.  It is unavoidable, this Inner Ring thingy, as Mr. Lewis says, but oh, so regrettable.  God have mercy on us all.