Lament For A Lost Child

Toy Store (1980) Size: Unknown Medium: Oil on ...

Toy Store (1980) Size: Unknown Medium: Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For my mother:
a child who fell
into the arms of the Father
March 14, 1999

I heard one morning my little girl
sing in the shower; and seeming so
innocent of what this meant
she sang, “Lead me not
into temptation,
but deliver me into the good stuff… yes!
into the good

stuff!” So sweet to hear,
it hurt. Drying in the sun
her bright hair
shone like a halo,
a shadow of heaven
surrounding her–
with purity so breathtaking
in beauty,
it pained my heart.
And I cried out,
Woe, Woe!
to the one who would stumble her,

I looked for my grown-up girl on Capp Street
late one night; avoiding the vomit in the gutters.
I rejected invective and imprecatory prayer;
I remembered God’s promise to repay:
“Vengeance is mine,”– what comfort
to my beleaguered soul!
I never thought, when she too, used
to sing so sweet, that I could
so cherish justice, as I do now.
So I wouldn’t want to be you,
Mister Toy Boy
because you took her to that toy store
and made her captive to your will
with a strange fire burning in her veins.

So smug! You thought you stole
the smile from her Father’s
face. But there’s bad news for you:
He smiles at her– still!
So be careful little man, what you see–
A Jealous Lover follows you down that dark alley.
He has a millstone for your neck,
and a strong bared arm, and He is not smiling
He is filled with will weep then,
as I do now. You will gnash your teeth, as I cry out
Woe, woe to you! And, what a wonder to me!
Toyboy– you were someone’s small son
once, too! And this mother–woe is me!
she weeps, she weeps…for whom?

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One Comment on “Lament For A Lost Child”

  1. Karen Butler Says:

    You can make a choice.

    You can wait in dread for that millstone and a deep wrathful sea, or you can turn, in deep sorrow and repentance, Mr. or Ms. ToyBoy, to the only One who can deliver you–the Lord Jesus. Confess the wrong, believe on Him and then be cleansed in the vast ocean of the Savior’s forgiveness and love.

    Here is music that beautifully expresses this glorious truth, “Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus”

    O the deep, deep love of Jesus.
    Spread His praise from shore to shore!
    How He loveth, ever loveth, changeth never, nevermore!
    How He watches o’er His loved ones,
    died to call them all His own.
    How for them He intercedeth,
    watcheth o’er them from the throne!

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