An Expensive Gift

unwrapping the gift

This is real love: imagine a gift,
one thing you treasured for self,
and you weep as you wrap–
you cry, “Oh, must I give it, Lord?”

Such excruciation only ornaments
the celebration of a birth
that was only ever meant for death–
wrap, and weep, oh you giver of gifts!

Package undone, your sacrifice–disdained?
Grieve again for love unrequited. Yet turn
your cheek– then turn your eyes — to adore Him!
O Cry, “Thanks be… for His inexpressible gift!”

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One Comment on “An Expensive Gift”

  1. Karen Butler Says:

    I received an expensive gift, in my stocking. A note, torn from green construction paper;I wept when I read it. I know what it cost the battered soul who wrote it, and I treasure the humility. That is real love.

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