Elijah Is Fed

Does only splendid light hide You? This
dreadful body of death covers just as well;
Oh, such heaviness since I said, “I, only I, am left,
who follow you wholly!” Such darkness always comes
from self-martyrdom and man-fearing!
Now I am abandoned, forsaken,
facing her fierce wickedness, alone.
Except for traitor memory that
dredges up all my Jezebels– again!
And did I really forget that You are

not in fire, not in wind, not in tremors?
No, You are only in a delicious stillness
that rescues  humbled men;
Repentant, I  fall into the splendor
of the Father now; in His embrace I
exchange impoverishment for
promised rest, a prophet’s mantle
for nourishment of bread.
Another will be anointed to wonders;
I am taken up by a Voice that feeds.

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7 Comments on “Elijah Is Fed”

  1. mkayla Says:

    Elijah is fed, so am I –by these words. Bless you my friend! xooxox

  2. redeemedhippiesplace Says:

    Mkayla said it perfectly. I too bless you my friend!

  3. […] Elijah Is Fed October 26, 2009 mkayla Leave a comment Go to comments I love this and took it off a friend’s blog  – Now Through A Glass Darkly […]

  4. mkayla Says:

    I put this on my blog. It MUST be shared. 🙂
    (still haven’t figured out that pingback thingy.)

    • Karen Butler Says:

      Thank you both, your encouragement was sorely needed.

      I am on the threshing floor again. His ways are so mysterious to me right now. But this I know, and have seen again and again, great is His faithfulness!

      • mkayla Says:

        Karen, many of us are struggling right now. So be encouraged, we are in this together and God is at the helm – always.


  5. Karen Butler Says:

    Ah, Mykayla, I was so encouraged by your words! But I had no opportunity to thank you until now! The pressure has been very, very, great but how it presses me close to Him! Blessings to you, my sister!

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