Joy In A Stone

For Elijah T

Surely it cried out then,
when the ponderous weight of it
was pushed by some angelic hand,
and mysteriously rolled away.
Surely the stone was singing then–
perhaps in rapture —

it no longer covered
His sarcophagus.  It had been
first witness to death’s collapse. The stone
saw the grave give up it’s relentless
gravity;  the grave had power no longer
to return to dust the children of men.

The Son of Man spoke this truth:
When man’s stark silence is stubborn,
the stones must speak His praise.
So in that moment, the yearning
of all creation echoes in
that stone’s shout of — Hosanna!

Then silenced,
until Apocalypse, until
after the rocks have all fallen.
But when every broken boulder is gone
and every tomb is empty —
then we shall hear again the joy of stones.

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3 Comments on “Joy In A Stone”

  1. mkayla Says:

    Amazing! I am speechless!
    Great to see you here. I’ve been thinking about you these past few days.

    I will be reading this again and again. Thank you for sharing your gift here. 🙂 hugs

    • Karen Butler Says:

      Thank you Mkayla. It has been very, very hard of late, but again, it is like a labor producing in me such life, and joy. He is very, very good to me. And look! Another companion poem. My gratitude towards my God is overwhelming me, and I find it difficult to express how much I long for Him and heaven.

  2. Karen Butler Says:

    This poem is such a gift to me. I had abandoned poetry as a craft, words and phrases no longer haunted me, demanding me to let them live. Then in worship one Sunday, during amazing and God-glorfying and Jesus-exalting worship led by our wonderful worship minister, during this song written by Caedmon’s Call, there was a line that went, “There is joy in a stone rolled away”, and the thought occurred to me what if there was literally joy in that stone? That no-one heard, except the God who saves? And this poem spilled out, all during the rest of the service, nearly in the fashion you see here.

    Here is that magnificent song by “Caedmon’s Call”–one of my favorite Christian bands.–1994524.

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